5 Best WordPress Caching Plugins (Speed Up Your Website)

Need the best WordPress caching plugin to speed up your website?

Google has made it pretty clear that it uses page load time as a major factor of search engine rankings so having a caching plugin is must.

Caching is more complex nowadays and most of the SEO plugins that look pretty easy to use are really not that straightforward.

So which WordPress Caching plugins are the best? Well, we made things easy for you and compiled a list of the top WordPress cache plugins you can use to make your web pages load at lightning speed.

Let’s get started!

1. WP Rocket 

WP Rocket is one of the most popular WordPress caching plugins. It has scored well constantly in side by side comparison of WordPress cache plugins. Surprisingly, this plugin comes up with quick setup and simple user-interface. This has the power to make your site super-fast. This plugin has also been developed to work smoothly and nicely with eCommerce platforms as these are the sites that often need more speed.

Key Benefits:

  • It offers an easier dashboard for beginners to work comfortably and a developer-friendly experience too.
  • Its database optimization feature can let you clean your WordPress database and remove the sources being used.
  • This plugin can integrate with top multilingual plugins in the market.
  • It offers support for object caching too.

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2. W3 Total Cache

wp total cache review

This is one of the most advanced WordPress cache plugins which works out of the box and brings some advanced caching capabilities. However, more effective W3 total cache configuration may require some technical skills. Even the latest W3 total cache version is also offering Cloudflare integration.

Key Benefits:

  • This is a free WordPress cache tool that offers a wider range of caching features that your site needs.
  • This is a compatible plugin with almost every kind of hosting option including clusters, dedicated or shared servers.
  • It also offers SSL support when you want to make your online stores work faster.

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3. WP Super Cache 

wp super cache

This is another well known WordPress cache plugins which can decrease load time and improve speed of your site more effectively. This plugin currently has over 2 million active installations, which can be a good indication of a quality product. Surprisingly, this plugin is free. Therefore, it can be even more effective if you are not in position to spend money. This can create static HTML files and display them rather than heavy PHP scripts.

Key Benefits:

  • This plugin has earned a reputation that ensures it will provide excellent caching facilities for your websites, regardless of their type and size.
  • The backend interface comes up with most of the settings, therefore, it is easier to comprehend and activate even for beginners.
  • Fortunately, it has integrated with a unique CDN setup to ensure better files distribution.

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4. WP Fastest Cache 

wp fastest cache review

WP Fastest cache came into existence in 2016 and is known to be the best because of its easier configuration. This is a plug and play WordPress plugin which can be downloaded and configured within minutes.

This plugin can create static files on your site and can offer other features too such as compression, minification and browser caching. It can also combine CSS and JavaScript files together to reduce the total number of requests from your server. These unique features are making this plugin respectable among other WordPress cache plugins.

Key Benefits:

  • Even the free version of this plugin is excellent for most of the sites as it can serve sites faster than its competition.
  • The setting page is pretty simple and easier and contains a list of checkboxes with info about every setting.
  • If you want to enjoy more features, you can upgrade this plugin quickly from the dashboard, no need to download and set up it again and again.
  • Image optimization can be handled separately.

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5. Comet Cache

comet cache review

Comet Cache is actually a complete plug and play plugin and known to be a ZenCache successor plugin. You just have to install this plugin and everything is set on the place. This plugin comes up with an easier and quicker installation process, and once you have done with its installation process, you will see how user-friendly its dashboard navigation is.

Even more, most of the people like this plugin because it is very informative. You can find plenty of resources that will tell you everything you need to know about caching. This will also help you to configure the right settings for your WordPress site’s optimization.

Key Benefits:

  • This plugin offers fast configuration and a reasonable backend to set up your caching process within minutes.
  • It will let you do caching on posts, categories, pages, tags, etc.
  • The pro version offers intelligent and automatic clear caching. This way you can set your caching preferences during installation and then you can enjoy a free-hand approach later.

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If you have a website then having fast loading website is a must. You can easily pick any of these WordPress caching plugins to use to make your life easier and improve SEO. We suggest using WP Rocket as this caching plugin has worked for many WordPress users and they offer a free and paid version to get you started.

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